Explore the Top Historic Sites in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, boasts over four centuries of history. At its center is Fort Anne, established in 1629 and the oldest national historic site in Canada. Fort Anne showcases the region’s cultural influences and military significance. Visitors can explore its earthworks, interactive exhibits, and historic grounds, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts.
Port Royal
Port Royal National Historic Site - Originally built in 1605 and destroyed by an English force from Virginia in 1613

Port-Royal Habitation – National Historic Site (1605)

53 Historic Ln, Granville Ferry

Port-Royal Habitation, founded in 1605, is a meticulously reconstructed replica of one of the first European settlements in North America. This living history site allows visitors to experience early colonial life and the interactions between French settlers and the Mi’kmaq people.

Melanson Settlement  – National Historic Site (1605)

3870 Granville Rd, Granville Ferry

The Melanson Settlement, established in 1605, was an early Acadian community known for its unique agricultural practices. Archaeological remains and interpretive displays offer insights into the daily lives and innovations of its inhabitants.

Fort Anne -National Historic Site (1629)

323 St George Street, Annapolis Royal

Fort Anne, the oldest national historic site in Canada, was established in 1629 as Charles Fort and has witnessed numerous pivotal events in North American history. Visitors can explore its well-preserved earthworks and interactive exhibits, offering a deep dive into the region’s military and cultural heritage.

Annapolis Royal Farmer’s Market (1703)

Market Square, Annapolis Royal

Established in 1703 and re-established in the 1970s, the Annapolis Royal Farmer’s Market is one of the oldest in North America and a vibrant hub for local produce, crafts, and community gatherings. It offers a unique shopping experience with a rich historical backdrop.

Sinclair Inn Museum – National Historic Site (1708)

230 St George St, Annapolis Royal

With the oldest portion dating from 1708, the Sinclair Inn is one of the oldest wooden structures in Canada and features original architectural elements. The museum within showcases the layers of history from its early days as an inn and tavern to its current role in preserving local heritage.

de Gannes-Cosby House – National Historic Site (1708)

477 Nova Scotia Trunk 8, Annapolis Royal

The de Gannes-Cosby House, built in 1708, is the oldest surviving home in Annapolis Royal and reflects the town’s French colonial past. It is recognized as the oldest wooden house in Canada and the oldest house in the world in the Acadian style. The house is not open to the public.

North Hills Museum (1764)

5065 Granville Rd, Granville Ferry

The North Hills Museum, located in a charming Georgian house from 1764, displays an extensive collection of Georgian and early Victorian antiques. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque setting and learn about the lifestyle and tastes of the former owner.

Bailey House Inn (1770)

150 St George St, Annapolis Royal

The Bailey House Inn, a charming bed and breakfast in Annapolis Royal, offers a blend of historic elegance and modern comfort within its beautifully preserved 18th-century walls. Guests can enjoy stunning views of the Annapolis River while experiencing the warm hospitality and period furnishings that reflect the inn’s rich heritage. The house is open only to overnight guests and event participants.

Bonnett House Art Gallery (1773)

158 St George St, Annapolis Royal

The Bonnett House, dating back to 1773, now serves as an art gallery featuring works by local and regional artists. This historic building provides an inspiring setting for the display and appreciation of contemporary and traditional art.

St. Luke’s Church (1815)

340 St George St, Annapolis Royal

St. Luke’s Church, consecrated in 1815, is a beautiful example of early Gothic Revival architecture in Nova Scotia. The church continues to serve the community while preserving its historical and architectural significance.

Annapolis Court House – National Historic Site (1837)

377 St George St, Annapolis Royal

The Annapolis Court House, constructed in 1837, is a stately example of 19th-century judicial architecture. Still in use today, it serves as a symbol of the region’s legal history and community governance.

O’Dell House Museum (1869)

136 Lower St George St, Annapolis Royal

The O’Dell House Museum, dating back to 1869, served as a prominent inn and stagecoach stop during the 19th century. Today, it offers a glimpse into Victorian-era life with its period rooms and extensive collections of artifacts.

Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

441 St George St, Annapolis Royal

The Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal feature 17 acres of beautifully designed gardens showcasing over 400 years of horticultural history. Visitors can explore themed gardens, historical plant varieties, and serene landscapes.

Annapolis Royal’s history spans over four centuries. Key sites like Port-Royal, Melanson Settlement, and Fort Anne showcase its rich past. Sinclair Inn, de Gannes-Cosby House, the Farmer’s Market, and Historic Gardens reflect its evolving spirit. Visitors can explore colonial history, Victorian elegance at O’Dell House, and art at Bonnett House Gallery. Annapolis Royal, a living museum, invites all to discover its heritage and charm.
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