New Owners of the Iconic Bailey House

New owners will be assuming stewardship of the iconic Bailey House in September. After almost 20 years, the well-respected previous owner Suzan Hebditch will take a much deserved break and pass the torch to Rod Whale and Julie Napier. Originally from Ontario, the couple are moving to Annapolis Royal from Belgium where they have lived for over a decade.

The `land on which the Bailey House rests has been part of the history of Port Royal since around 1605. The current house was built in 1770 and is the oldest house on Lower Saint George Street. Of course, this was the scene of a ball in honour of Prince Edward in 1794 and local Loyalist leader Reverend Jacob called “the best house in Annapolis”. Elizabeth “Marm” Bailey opened the house the guests around 1837 and ran a brisk trade with all the well-heeled visitors of Annapolis Royal. In the 20th century, the Bailey House was mainly a private house before it re-opened for guests again in the late 1990s.

Rod spent the first several years of his career working in hospitality in Canada and the US. Julie is a teacher and busy mother of 5. While in Belgium, the couple not only acquired new culinary skills, but also a collection of 17th and 18th century antiques and art. Rod apprenticed in art restoration at the Flemish Fine Art Academy as will be obvious to guests of the house. In addition to art, Rod and Julie have been perfecting their Belgian waffles. There are several types of regional Belgian waffle with the Brussels style being the best for breakfast.

They hope to continue the high standards of Suzan, but also further enhance the experience of guests by highlighting the historic nature of the property and Lower Saint George Street. Rod noted, “visitors to Annapolis Royal will know about the Habitation and Fort Anne, but we also want to help raise the profile of of the other historic places such as Lower Saint George Street.”

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